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The NEW RACKHAM 2nd Edition Oracle is On Sale Now!

The Deluxe, 2nd Edition of THE ARTHUR RACKHAM ORACLE is here! Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) remains one of the world’s great fantasy illustrators; his work spans two centuries and still retains its expressive power.  The original ARTHUR RACKHAM ORACLE was already the definitive divination pack based upon his beautiful and compelling work. Don't take our word for it: read the online reviews and watch the YouTube videos from some of the deck's many fans!  Now it’s time for a Second Edition: revised with new cards, produced in quantity and affordable enough to reach many more readers and collectors.   ROOTED IN STORYTELLING TRADITION This deep and fanciful pack has its own unique symbology and the rich old-world flavor of European fantasy. It is an open-ended divination system not derived...

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It's Always Something

In the second issue of Abe Sapien: The Devil Does Not Jest, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy makes a rare guest appearance,  although he doesn’t participate in any of the story’s main action. In fact, his only role in the plot is to reassure a young B.P.R.D. rookie that everything will be all right in the end:  “Calm down,” he says to the young man. “Of course there’s trouble, but stop worrying about Abe.”  To me, this sums up everything that’s finest about the series, and everything that comics do best. In the Hellboy Universe, “It’s Always Something.” There’s always some monster that wants to eat you, some spirit from beyond the grave that wants to devour your whole world. Just when you...

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Once Upon a Real Magic Time

[This post was originally written as a guest post for the Guiltless Reader blog.] One of my earliest memories is of an outing taken with my family — or maybe I’m thinking of two outings rolled into one… it could be that way. I was no more than five years old when this happened and most likely younger than that. The first stop was an old-fashioned emporium which had among its attractions two rows (maybe eight in all; a fabulous collection by today’s standards) of antique penny-arcade movie machines: Mutoscopes. These were bulky iron boxes on long legs with a viewing port mounted on the front much like that of a submarine periscope. Above the main chamber was a small poster...

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