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Tarot: The Gift of Life

Here is something that I have typed before: Tarot has been good FOR me and good TO me. It’s probably something that I should type every day. In 2013, I was still in a bad place in a number of ways. But I had taken up the cards again as part of my recovery, and that was the one thing I can point to as being instrumental in saving my life. One of my doctors had advised me earlier to start writing and drawing again. I did not think that this was Good Advice. All of my prior efforts in writing, cartooning and design had resulted only in failure and disappointment, and to open that can of worms again, to...

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The NEW RACKHAM 2nd Edition Oracle is On Sale Now!

The Deluxe, 2nd Edition of THE ARTHUR RACKHAM ORACLE is here! Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) remains one of the world’s great fantasy illustrators; his work spans two centuries and still retains its expressive power.  The original ARTHUR RACKHAM ORACLE was already the definitive divination pack based upon his beautiful and compelling work. Don't take our word for it: read the online reviews and watch the YouTube videos from some of the deck's many fans!  Now it’s time for a Second Edition: revised with new cards, produced in quantity and affordable enough to reach many more readers and collectors.   ROOTED IN STORYTELLING TRADITION This deep and fanciful pack has its own unique symbology and the rich old-world flavor of European fantasy. It is an open-ended divination system not derived...

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