Questions? The Duckmeister has Answers!


DUCK SOUP PRODUCTIONS is fancy name for one person, and that one person is me, Doug Thornsjo, living and working alone with his cats in small town in Maine, USA. If you want to know more about me, the best way is to check out my blogs, both here and at www.ducksoup.me.

All the cards and related items (bags, journals, apparel, etc.) are personally designed by me. But they're manufactured in different ways by different people. Some of the decks were funded at Kickstarter, and these were printed in quantities of 1,000 or more by my friends in Hong Kong. This process produces top-quality decks at the best price. These are the items that I ship myself when you order them (see below). 

The majority of the decks and related items are produced one at a time as you order them, and ship directly from the manufacturer. This produces a good quality item, but it's an expensive process that results in a higher retail price. As an offset to that, it also adds to their scarcity and collectible value. Only as many of these decks exist as are actually ordered! As an example, fewer than 300 of my MARVELOUS ORACLE OF OZ actually exist in the world! If you own one of them, congratulations! -- You own a genuine rarity!


Your order will typically ship in 5 to 7 workdays, sometimes in multiple packages. This is because some items ship direct from the manufacturer or warehouse, and some are shipped by me personally. 

Items shipped by the manufacturer always ship FREE WORLDWIDE. Items shipped by me always ship FREE WITHIN THE USA, but I must charge a $30 shipping fee for items that I personally ship to addresses outside the USA. This fee, in most cases, is less than what U.S. Postal system charges me to ship globally. Shipping costs have SKYROCKETED in the last few months, and I've absorbed much of those costs.

As noted above, my manufacturers ship within a few days, whereas I ship orders ONCE A WEEK, typically Thursday or Friday. 

You should receive an automated receipt by email at the time of your order. I try to provide tracking numbers when I have them, but I typically don't get around to entering tracking information into the system until Saturday. Please understand that I am ONE person trying to do everything as efficiently as I can.

Your tracking notifications will go to the email address you provide at checkout time, so please provide a VALID email address. (I honestly have had people give me a fake or non-functional email address, and then complain that they never hear from me!)

One exception to all of the above is RUSSIA. I can no longer ship to Russia or its satellites. Take it up with Vladimir. (FYI, even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, shipping to Russia was not easy. Some of my suppliers will not ship to the USSR, which forced me to have those items shipped direct to me, which I then had re-ship to the customer. This adds a lot of time to an already long international process. There's was also an added shipping cost, which I absorbed.)

And speaking of long processes, items shipping internationally always took a long time to arrive, even before the pandemic. After the COVID-19 pandemic began, it got even worse. It typically takes 3 weeks at minimum for International orders to arrive; it can sometimes take as long as month and a half to two months. Please keep this in mind if you're ordering from far outside the USA.


Yes, I do wholesale, but only (currently) for the Second Edition Rackham Oracle, and the Second Edition Tinker's Damn Decks. and then typically only to destinations within the continental USA. The reason for the latter is simply that overseas shipping is so expensive that I'd actually lose (a lot of) money if I offered discounts to International sellers. To charge for shipping creates more complications than I want to deal with. Sorry. The best way for you is to just order at my retail price, and then price the item accordingly when you re-sell. I won't complain.


Email me at DThornsjo@twc.com, and I'll post an answer here, or get back to you personally, or both. Not always right away. After all, I'm just one person.