Updated March 23, 2020

Announcing my NEW in-progress Deck Projects for 2020!

Hi, everyone. Every Fall I like to settle on two Tarot projects and a couple of Oracle projects so that I will have something to occupy my mind during the long New England winters. Like many of you, I do suffer from seasonal depression and sunlight deprivation, so having a planned activity is important, and not just from the point of view of getting new products ready for the next year!
Here are my projects for the winter of 2019-2020. As the weeks pass I will have much more to show you!


1) Persephone's Torch Tarot

Suggested by my novel of the same name, this will be a theatrically-themed tarot, and all the cards will be oriented lengthwise, to give the sensation of watching a stage production with actors playing out the card scenes. You can click on each image and select "open in new tab" to see them at a larger size.
The Major Arcana are created in the style of vintage theatrical posters, oriented lengthwise to match the rest of the deck. This adds some variety to the deck and helps immediately distinguish the Majors from the rest. As it seems very likely that I will finish the Majors sooner than the rest, I may offer a limited Majors-Only deck in advance of the full 78-card version.
Court cards will be done as previously described, in the style of old-fashioned billboards that you used to find outside theaters and playhouses.
Finally, the Minor Arcana represent actual scenes played out on a fully-layered theatrical stage.

2) Les Tarots des Animaleries

An Edwardian-styled Tarot populated by anthropomorphic spirit animals!

Previously announced, ASTOUNDING WONDER TAROT is being postponed, probably to next year. Two Tarot projects in progress at the same time is what I aim for, and these are the ones that have "settled in" for this year.

Oracles for 2020:

1) Signs of Life Oracle

Featuring the Folk Art paintings (on wood) of Barbara Thornsjo.
Yes, I know that card No. 6 has the wrong number on it. I'll fix that before this goes much further....

2. The Playroom Oracles: The Uncle Wiggily Oracle

Featuring the illustrations of Lang Campbell and Harrison Cady. This will probably be available early summer.

Thank you for your support, and for visiting my shop and my coming attractions page. Best Winter Wishes for you all!!

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