Updated March 3, 2020

Announcing my NEW in-progress Deck Projects for 2021!

Hi, everyone. It has been a long time since the last update. Much has happened in the world and in my personal life since that time, and I've gotten a fair amount of work done. This update reflects only some of that. It's my hope that smaller but more frequent updates to this page will follow, as many of these decks near completion. 


Trick Or Tarot - Candy Sack Edition

As the First Edition of TRICK OR TAROT edges into the "Out-of-Print" category, I'm working on a second, on-demand edition that will keep the deck available indefinitely. The cards will be slightly narrower and there will be several new designs. Look for this in Late Summer.

Les Tarots des Animaleries

An Edwardian-styled Tarot populated by anthropomorphic spirit animals! This is well in progress, but may not be finished until 2022. P.S., I just became aware of the fact that the type style is inconsistent on the minors. I hope someone will remind me to fix this when the time comes!

Previously announced, ASTOUNDING WONDER TAROT is being postponed, probably to next year. Two Tarot projects in progress at the same time is what I aim for, and these are the ones that have "settled in" for this year.

Oracles for 2021:


Thank you for your support, and for visiting my shop and my coming attractions page. Best Summertime Wishes for you all!! Stay Safe!

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