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Our Newest Deck is Fully Stuffed!

If you go down to the woods today, you’ll get a big surprise! In the beginning there was our Old Bear Oracle, a 52-card, personality-driven pack with a multitude of uses — it can even be used to play your favorite traditional card games! Now the bears have banded together to form a complete traditional Tarot deck, with all of Tarot’s deep symbolism intact. Having strong links to the classic Rider/Waite/Smith pack, and occasional crafty allusions to Crowley’s Thoth, this fully-evolved tarot is ready to become your hardest-working and most congenial deck. Old Bear Tarot is a full 78-card pack, featuring 42 completely new designs, including 22 original Major Arcana cards. Of the Minor Arcana, 20 images are brand-new, while...

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The Deck Is Not For Trimming

I recently had a letter from a customer who thought it would be a great idea to trim her second edition Arthur Rackham Oracle. No more than seven cards in, she realized what a horrible mistake she’d made, and that she’d ruined the deck. Somewhat less recently, I saw a YouTube video made by a woman who’d trimmed her Tinker’s Damn Tarot. As I looked at the cards that she had destroyed, it made me so mad that I couldn’t finish watching the video. Folks, my decks are not for trimming. Just Don’t Do It. I’m not like U.S. Games, that publishes everything to a set mass-market pattern and puts a goddamn white border around all the art of all...

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