The Deck Is Not For Trimming

I recently had a letter from a customer who thought it would be a great idea to trim her second edition Arthur Rackham Oracle. No more than seven cards in, she realized what a horrible mistake she’d made, and that she’d ruined the deck.

Somewhat less recently, I saw a YouTube video made by a woman who’d trimmed her Tinker’s Damn Tarot. As I looked at the cards that she had destroyed, it made me so mad that I couldn’t finish watching the video.

Folks, my decks are not for trimming. Just Don’t Do It.

I’m not like U.S. Games, that publishes everything to a set mass-market pattern and puts a goddamn white border around all the art of all their decks. My decks are designed to FILL THE CARD. True, they sometimes have frames, but a frame is not a trim-able border.

A border is empty space that surrounds and contains the design. It is expendable. Nearly all my decks are 100 percent borderless.

A frame is PART of the design. As an example, my Tinker’s Damn decks have characters or other design elements that frequently break the fourth wall and leap out of the card, beyond the frame. If you cut the frame off, you not only chop the limbs off of several characters, but you completely negate the effect that I was trying to achieve.


There is a purpose to everything I put into a card. Nothing in my card designs is there without a reason. Don’t think you can second-guess me. You can’t. If you have any respect for the artist at all, DO NOT TRIM a Duck Soup Deck. If you do so, you will ruin it.

And when it comes to the second edition Rackham, why would anyone trim a beautiful gold-edged deck? It makes no sense!

In the case of this particular customer, I’m happy to help her out and send her new copies of the seven cards that she destroyed, so that her deck is restored. But I won’t always be able to do that! Y’all have been warned! My decks are not for trimming! If you think you can somehow improve my decks by trimming them, do me and someone else a favor and just give the deck to someone else who will appreciate it.


-- Thorn

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