Our Newest Deck is Fully Stuffed!

If you go down to the woods today, you’ll get a big surprise! In the beginning there was our Old Bear Oracle, a 52-card, personality-driven pack with a multitude of uses — it can even be used to play your favorite traditional card games!

Now the bears have banded together to form a complete traditional Tarot deck, with all of Tarot’s deep symbolism intact. Having strong links to the classic Rider/Waite/Smith pack, and occasional crafty allusions to Crowley’s Thoth, this fully-evolved tarot is ready to become your hardest-working and most congenial deck.

Old Bear Tarot is a full 78-card pack, featuring 42 completely new designs, including 22 original Major Arcana cards. Of the Minor Arcana, 20 images are brand-new, while 36 are heavily revised, reworked or re-imagined designs derived from our Old Bear Oracle.

Don’t be fooled by the charm of these playful furry friends! These bears have been around since the turn o the last century. They have seen into the hearts of millions of people, and having played the confidante to generations, they know your secrets. Colorful and fanciful, yes — but also edgy and mysterious. Bears may be furry and hugable, but they also have claws and teeth!

While most hand-made teddy bears do have unique expressions and personalities, the real virtue of the teddy is its mirror-like quality. As a dark-eyed empty vessel, the teddy bear reflects the characteristics of its owner back at her. Its spirit is that of its human keeper. It is animated and informed by you, yourself. In the role of Playroom Confidante, the Teddy Bear is one of the earliest, simplest, and most efficient means of talking to your own Unconscious Self. Know that no matter how deep your troubles may be, YOUR BEARS ARE HERE FOR YOU: not in the cards (for that is simply a reflection), but as a real part of your own indomitable spirit.

Unleash your Inner Bear today, and let him be your loyal guide through life’s dark times. Open your heart to the secret friends of everyone’s childhood. Enter the Enchanted Places, the Hidden Gardens, the wistful, private world of Old Bear Tarot.

-- Thorn.

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