Trick or Tarot Second Edition is COMING SOON!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who made the first Edition of our TRICK OR TAROT Halloween-themed Tarot pack a sell-out! The Second Edition is on the way, and instead of changing the designs of a few of the card faces, we decided to make this new edition unique by offering huge selection of variant card backs for you to choose from.

We've created SIXTEEN all-new designs for the card backs, with a heavy emphasis on Costuming, which is why we've decided to call this the Halloween Costume Edition. Only as many copies of each variant will be printed as are actually sold, making this TRICK OR TAROT every bit as collectible as the First Edition. 

The new edition will be standard Tarot size, or slightly narrower than the first edition. 

Although the imagery of TRICK OR TAROT draws on classic Halloween style, it's far from being a "gimmick" deck. It retains all the deep symbolism of Tarot and is suitable for daily use all year 'round. We take pride in creating genuine esoteric decks with a unique flavor you won't find anywhere else.

A few copies of the First Edition still remain, and you have a limited time to buy them at the current price. Don't wait -- time is short!

Thank you again for making this pack one of our most popular. We're glad that you love Halloween as much as we do!


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