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Our SECOND Attempt At Video Blogging

Perhaps inspired by all the fun and interesting Tarot Video Blogs that I regularly watch on YouTube, I decided to try it formally on my own. A chance for the people who buy my Tarot packs to get to know the artist, that sort of thing. But as you'll see, I made a terrible host, and was summarily "dealt with" by my other, Editorial self.  Anyway. In this episode you'll see the making of one card design, and the artifact from my own collection that is featured in the design. You'll also get to know the voice behind the introductory logo that begins all my videos, and get a more extended sample of his work. Hope you like it! -- Thorn.

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By Way of Introduction • an Interview With the Artist

A short while back, Joan Marie -- founder and webmaster of the wonderful CULT OF TAROT FORUM (you should go there now!) interviewed me by email for the artist's section of the forum, just as it was getting started. That interview is as good an introduction to the whys and wherefores of what you will find here in the hallowed halls of DUCK SOUP PRODUCTIONS as you are likely to get.  Hope you enjoy. And thanks, Joan! • Giving a Tinker's Damn: My Conversation with Duck Soup Post by Joan Marie » Sat May 05, 2018 5:51 pm There is hardly a Tarot collector out there who in not well acquainted with the cards created by Freder (a.k.a. Doug Thornsjo) and distributed through his wildly entertaining website, Duck Soup Productions. Freder’s...

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Our First Attempt at Video-Blogging....

Once in a while, when circumstances warrant, we go to the trouble of making a video about the things that we have in the works, or about how we do the things we do, or about the things or people that influence us, or just about Stuff. This is the first of those video blogs, intended to share our enthusiasm at the arrival of printed proofs for our TRICK OR TAROT pack. This happened on a rainy afternoon in 2017. Just typing that date reminds us how quickly time zooms by. Enjoy the video! --Thorn. •

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