A long-term project is finally nearing the finish line -- at least in part.

I've been working on LE TAROT DES ANIMALERIES (or, The Tarot of Pet Shops) for the better part of two years. With the Major Arcana now completed, the opportunity to do an early-issue Majors Only deck was there, but I took some time to think about what I could do to make such a release really special. 

First, it will be an extremely Limited Edition, meaning only as many copies as are actually ordered by customers and collectors will be produced. 

Second, it will only be available (for reasons that will become evident below) in a striking giant-sized 3.5" x 5.75" deck. I know that some of you find large cards difficult to work with, but the reward makes the challenge worth it. I personally feel that Tarot decks are supposed the Make An Impression -- and these big cards automatically impress!

But more than that, it turned out that there was room for nine extra cards in the package. So I decided to create and include nine additional cards to make this a "More Than a Majors" edition -- and those nine cards are exclusive to this edition of the deck. They will never be reprinted or included in any other deck I release. I may use a couple of these designs on shirts or other merchandise, but they'll never appear in any other deck.


First, there will be 5 original oracle cards supplementing and complementing the 22 Major Arcana. These represent symbols and themes that are personally meaningful to me, as I hope they are to you, as well. The cards are unnumbered, but for the purposes of this description they are: First, SACRED HEART. Second, WILD UNKNOWN. This latter is a title and concept that I also used in my two TINKER'S DAMN decks.

Next, a three-card sequence that takes us "From the Cradle to the Grave." 

And finally, the four remaining cards are novelties, featuring a working Wheel of Fortune that you can cut out and assemble, a Black Cat Talking Board complete with planchette, and a "Destiny" card for use with the 'Wheel of Fortune," or as a stand-alone oracle card. 

I had fun making these nine original cards, and I hope you will have fun working with them. 

The ANIMALERIES Majors Edition arrives late in August.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support!

-- Thorn.

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