The (Original) Circus Tarot Book - Majors Only Edition PDF eBook
The (Original) Circus Tarot Book - Majors Only Edition PDF eBook

The (Original) Circus Tarot Book - Majors Only Edition PDF eBook

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The original Circus Tarot Book written to pair with the Majors-only version of the deck.

OUT OF PRINT IN PAPERBACK -- this was replaced by "The Mostly Sensible Little Big Circus Tarot Book," which is still available in paperback and as part of the Zirkus Magi app. This book does contain content not in the currently available paperback, and is in full color. PDF eBooks work on all platforms and look great in iBooks.

Step Right Up! -- to the most unusual Tarot book that you will ever read! Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages — in the Center Ring, presenting the Strangest Show on Earth!

This book will not teach you The Tarot, Ladies and Gentlemen. No! This book is not, in the conventional sense, a compendium of tarot card meanings. No! Rather, this stupendously disorganized, overpriced and eccentric book (from the designer of the unique retro-circus-themed Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi) attempts to make cultural connections and take colorful side-trips along the road-map laid out by the Tarot’s Major Arcana. It offers glimpses of the Circus History behind the cards, and meanders aimlessly around and around, defying Death and Sensibility! This may be the first Stream-of-Consciousness Tarot Book. Then again, it may be pure Sideshow Hokum, Hugger-Mugger and Hoax, wrapped up in a red circus ribbon of high-wire allegory.

See! The Hanged Man! See! Leaps of Logic that will startle, confound and amaze! See! All the Cards of the Major Arcana in Full Color, supported by a profuse array of visual artifacts! See! Original spreads designed by a complete Tarot Novice! It’s all here, under the Big Top of the Circus Tarot Book.

"The book is definitely different in how it presents each card (majors only in this book). The author does 'meander' with his own views, but somehow what he says is more straightforward and honest and seems to clarify the meanings of the cards better than most. I've been involved with tarot for about 30 years and came to a better understanding of some of the cards than I had before. There is no new-agey, psycho-babble here, thank you very much. If you want a new experience of the traditional tarot presented in a very nontraditional way this book is a great start. Definitely more down to earth and easier to comprehend." -- Sly F (AMAZON REVIEW)