PERSEPHONE'S TORCH • Signed Paperback Edition

PERSEPHONE'S TORCH • Signed Paperback Edition

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"AN ABSOLUTE STAR OF A BOOK." -- Guiltless Reading Blog

Signed by the Author

1939: Travel with an unusual theatrical company through a painted landscape of desire and dreams. Fantasy is their specialty and they have mastered the art... is the newest member of their extended "family" being carried to new heights, or is he just a victim of delusion? One by one you will come to know each member of the company, unlocking their colorful lives, learning their sometimes dark secrets. In this fateful last season of the company's life, who will emerge with their heart intact? Sit down and make yourself comfortable. The show is just beginning.

**** {four stars} "A wonderful and thought-provoking story to the very end." -- Shannah Biondine.

***** {five stars} "Superb storytelling... I give this book a standing five-star ovation." -- Kara L. Wolf.