QUIRK Volume 2: Termination Alley - PDF Edition

QUIRK Volume 2: Termination Alley - PDF Edition

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Four friends, NO spaceship - and a whole multiverse of folks they don't get along with! -- things just got a whole lot worse for our heroes!

Life onboard the good ship Frigid was never exactly a cakewalk for Quirk and his pals Carpy, Smith and Sludge... but now the original owners of Carpy and The Frigid are bound to repossess them both, leaving the rest of the gang trapped in a bubble of slime and zooming towards a Final Destination that's too horrible to contemplate! Along the way they'll encounter bizarre new menaces -- including the Dalai Dada, Artmeister of the Spaceways -- and uncover a corporate plot with tentacles that reach farther than anyone could have imagined!

The original web comic, Remastered, Revisited and Remixed in a beautiful new version – in color for the first time!

“The writing goes a good deal deeper than a parody of detective genre fiction as it delves into the questions of sorrow and happiness, of the enforceability of states of mind, and, yes, love. ... any story about a man of honor is worth reading, even if that ‘man’ looks like a walking spaghetti-nose.” cat yronwode, The Comics Buyer’s Guide

61 Pages in Full Color.