THE SANCTUM, Vol. 1, #2: PDF Edition

THE SANCTUM, Vol. 1, #2: PDF Edition

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Tarot, Culture and More.

This bi-annual "Bookazine" features tips, card meanings, spreads, and more to do with all of Duck Soup's mighty Tarot and Oracle decks, plus features, cultural columns and more!

For the second issue, the magazine has been re-sized and expanded: it's now 6 3/4" wide by 9 3/4 inches tall, and 62 fully-packed pages. It feels, looks and reads much more substantial. Decks featured this issue are the new Zirkus Midway Arcana, Tinker's Damn Tarot, The Marvelous Oracle of Oz and The Tarot of Mr. Punch. A new column ("The Collector") joins the regular features, and this issue includes a Special Section on Halloween-themed Music, Tarot, Film and Culture.

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