The ROOSEVELT BEARS are on the way!

Hot on the heels of the release of MYSTIC TAROT comes a new entry in our nostalgic Playroom Oracles series, THE ROOSEVELT BEARS ORACLE! 
Sourced from our own first edition copies of the books by Seymour Eaton,  V. Floyd Campbell, Francis F. Wightman and William K. Sweeney, this charming oracle combines vintage appeal with childlike honesty. It incorporates symbols from  type designer Rudolf Koch’s seminal work, The Book of Signs, and is perfect for Daily Draws and simple three-to-six card readings.
It's also a perfect supplementary deck for one of our favorite tarot decks, OLD BEAR TAROT!
THE ROOSEVELT BEARS ORACLE features 61 large-size oracle cards. It will go on sale some time later this month. 
Thank you for your support!
-- Doug

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