The NEW RACKHAM 2nd Edition Oracle is On Sale Now!

The Deluxe, 2nd Edition of THE ARTHUR RACKHAM ORACLE is here!

Arthur Rackham (1867-1939) remains one of the world’s great fantasy illustrators; his work spans two centuries and still retains its expressive power. 

The original ARTHUR RACKHAM ORACLE was already the definitive divination pack based upon his beautiful and compelling work. Don't take our word for it: read the online reviews and watch the YouTube videos from some of the deck's many fans! 

Now it’s time for a Second Edition: revised with new cards, produced in quantity and affordable enough to reach many more readers and collectors.  


This deep and fanciful pack has its own unique symbology and the rich old-world flavor of European fantasy. It is an open-ended divination system not derived from the Tarot or Lenormand, but containing elements of both.

My first priority in the deck’s creation was to treat the artwork with the respect that it deserves. 

Always using the images as a starting point, the oracle grew out of the art, with card meanings that reflected, as nearly as possible, the characteristics inherent in the in the original drawings and the stories that they were meant to illustrate. At no time did I attempt to shoe-horn the art into an existing framework; unlike other decks derived from Rackham’s art, this allowed us to feature the work as it was originally created, without cropping, altering or editing Rackham’s work in any way.

The only changes made to the artwork consist of cleaning, brightening and restoring the images to their original lustre.


For this “refined and revised” 2nd edition a number of changes have been made, taking advantage of several years’ worth of customer input. Sub-titles have been re-lettered in a new but appropriate font, and most of the images have been lightly sweetened.

The new edition features more than 15 new card designs. This is made possible by removing both the sideways cards and the darkest, most impenetrable images from the original deck; we’ve also replaced the two informational cards, the contents of which have been incorporated into a 12-page Little White Booklet. The deck now consists of 78 oracle cards plus 1 male and 1 female significator, for a total of 80 cards.

The cards are printed on 350 gsm high quality art paper, and edged in gold. They come with a new 12-page booklet, packaged in a beautiful, sturdy 2-piece printed box.

The 2nd Edition Rackham was produced by my friends at the Shenzhen Wangjing Printing Company, Ltd., the same company that printed my beautiful Trick Or Tarot and Tinker’s Damn Tarot decks. It was funded at Kickstarter and produced in a print run of 1,500 copies — which allows me to deliver a top quality collectors-item deck at about half the price of the original.

 The differences between the first and second editions of the deck are so pronounced that we’ve decided to keep the first edition available for purchase as well. Because it’s a print-on-demand deck, quantities will always be low, and with its sideways cards, variant images and customizable card back, it remains a collector’s item in its own right. 

Both versions are on sale now. 

And thank you for stopping by!


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