My latest deck, MYSTIC VISIONS ORACLE and MEDITATION DECK, is now available. 

Created in collaboration with ethically-sourced A.I., MYSTIC VISIONS is both a meditation tool and an oracle that focusses on the big issues, both external and internal, that conspire to shape your destiny. It is designed to connect with the Collective Unconscious, to help induce a dreamlike state when your spirit is distracted by the cares, concerns and trials of everyday life. 

Its 72 cards include a full selection of astrological, elemental and alchemical designs, as well as cards rooted in mythology and spiritual concepts.

You will find pathways into worlds both light and dark, and worlds where the two combine freely.

Through the endless combinations that unfold as you enter this curious garden, fresh connections can be made and new discoveries unearthed. Where will your path lead you?


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  • Christine Payne-Towler
    This is a lovely creation and I’m really glad to have a copy of it! I watched Doug posting individual images at FaceBook, and I knew this one would be a great tool. It includes the 12 Zodiacal signs, alchemical elements and stages, the seasons, and a large set of inspirational ideas. There are also a collection of cards representing challenges, which ensures that this isn’t just another twinkly-New-Age optimistic pastiche. The artwork is fascinating because it is colorful and beautiful, but it isn’t formulated to offer purely positive visuals. A careful look into these vistas will give a reader a range of possible responses to most cards. The cards are small, and the cardstock is very slim but strong and springy, so they shuffle excellently. There is no explanatory material other than the labels on the cards, so the user is on their own regarding how to interpret these cards in a spread. One can bring in interpretations from Tarot or other historical oracles, but there are also ideas represented that expand the pack beyond historical categories. I love it! Thank you Doug, for making this a inspirational tool for introspection and insight.

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