Raising the Curtain on our Newest Tarot Pack!

The theatrical arts are a perfect medium to express the themes of the Tarot, and my latest completed deck,  “Persephone’s Torch Tarot” is far from the first tarot pack to adopt a theatrical guise. No less an artist than Pamela Colman Smith turned to the Edwardian-era stage and its styles, manners and decorations for inspiration when drawing her famous pack; almost a hundred years earlier, what is known today as the “Swiss 1JJ” tarot took an overtly theatrical approach with its Harlequin fool and a “Maison de Dieu” card (No. 16) that is quite clearly a performance scene taking place on a stage.

PERSEPHONE’S TORCH TAROT is merely one more in a long succession of traveling theatrical companies in a box, hoping to charm, enchant and enlighten you with its near-infinite combinations of old stories in new settings. High drama, low comedy, romance, mystery, horror and awe . . . all are here on this portable stage, ready to unfold a production that is both fresh and traditional every time, with you in the spotlight.

THE MAJOR ARCANA has been designed in a manner attempting to emulate theatrical advertising posters of the late 1800s and early 1900s. They represent (hopefully in an enticing manner) the broad themes, substance and style of each production.

THE COURT CARDS have been designed to resemble the small billboards that can to this day sometimes be found outside small theaters, or within their lobbies. This is where photographs are displayed of the actors in the evening’s featured production, along with (sometimes) scenes from the currently showing play.

Finally, THE MINOR ARCANA brings you into the theater itself, where as a member of the audience you will witness specific and evocative scenes playing out many of life’s triumphs and trials. The ACES of each suit represent your ticket and program guide for the evening’s performance.

Like the ZIRKUS MAGI, TAROT DADA and several of my other decks before it, PERSEPHONE'S TORCH TAROT is a labor of love that combines two of my favorite things into a hard-working occult pack that )I hope!) is a little bit unlike any other deck you know. 




  • Kirk

    Dear Doug

    The Persephone’s Torch Tarot is Wonderfully Spectacular! It’s taken pride of place in my display cabinet.

    When do you expect the release of Les Tarots Des Animaleries?

    With gratitude.

  • Sheila Winegarden

    I am in SO much trouble! Just discovered your site thanks to a friend. Your decks are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want them all!!!!

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