Our SECOND Attempt At Video Blogging

Perhaps inspired by all the fun and interesting Tarot Video Blogs that I regularly watch on YouTube, I decided to try it formally on my own. A chance for the people who buy my Tarot packs to get to know the artist, that sort of thing. But as you'll see, I made a terrible host, and was summarily "dealt with" by my other, Editorial self. 

Anyway. In this episode you'll see the making of one card design, and the artifact from my own collection that is featured in the design. You'll also get to know the voice behind the introductory logo that begins all my videos, and get a more extended sample of his work. Hope you like it!

-- Thorn.

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  • Starr DiGiacomo

    I come to your website to re-live my childhood. Every deck just brings me back and I wish I could own all of them. I’m still searching for a Cupie deck… hint hint.
    I own the Golliwog oracle and it never leaves my night table.
    Tsk tsk to those who feel the deck is racist. Takes one to know one I guess. I have childrens dishes and my very own Mr. Golliwog doll that sits on my bed always.
    Keep creating your wonderful and precious cards and I’ll keep coming back to drool and hopefully I can budget in a few more decks this year.
    Big Hugs, my friend

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