Nights at the Zirkus

In 2013 the Zirkus Mägi first came to town as a Majors-only deck.

One year later, the full deck arrived; and though it sounds over-dramatic to say so, the deck, and the kind people like you who helped to make it a reality, saved my life. No, really, you did.

I revisited the Zirkus Mägi several times in intervening years: first for Zirkus Fortune Telling Playing Cards, then for the block-busting Midway Arcana, and finally for the “Kipper” version, the Zirkus Bavarian Oracle. I was always happy to revisit the Zirkus Mägi and now I’m pleased to announce that I’m going to be returning to the ring once again.

It’s been TEN YEARS under the little Big Top of the Zirkus, and I’ve finally decided how I’m going to mark the annual-versity. Because yes, This Needs Celebrating.

For starters, the “Roadshow Edition,” which has been the main version of the deck since the first edition sold out, is Going Away Forever. This will happen Soon. I’ll tell you right up front what you can already guess: I’m doing this to make the way clear for a new edition of the deck. Possibly two. The Roadshow Edition was created to keep the deck alive, and it has done so admirably; but its time is over. 

A new tent will rise.

My plans are not set in stone as I write this, but tentatively I will be designing at least nine new cards for this new edition, and possibly re-designing some of the existing cards. It will be packaged differently, as well.

I’m telling you all this now, so that if the Roadshow Edition is absolutely *the* version of the deck that you want to own (even with the knowledge that a new edition is coming), you have a chance to get it if you act within the next few months. This is your only notice.

Before the end of the year I hope to have new editions of the Midway Arcana and the Bavarian Oracle available as well.

I want to make 2024 The year of the Zirkus Mägi.

(By the way: the correct pronunciation of Mägi is “Maggie,” as in “Maggie and Jiggs.” You can absolutely forgive yourself for not knowing this — I didn’t know it myself until a couple of years ago!)

More News Here Soon. Take a Style! And Thank you for Ten Years of Magic. 

— Thorn.

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