You can’t keep a Good Magician in the Trunk.

Abracadabra! Alakazam!

Peer Beyond the Veil! Witness for yourself the enchantment of MYSTIC TAROT — a Tarot Pack steeped in the tradition of Edwardian Mysticism!

SEE! -- Thrilling Feats of Legerdemain!

SEE! -- Hair-Raising Escapes from Destiny Itself!

“Ladies and gentlemen, we wish to call your attention to what we consider a very unique and novel method of fortune telling with cards. We find it a very easy matter to delve into the past, present and future of anyone and lay bare many things of interest in their lives, especially interesting to their friends and neighbors. What we are about to undertake is experiments in mental telepathy, thought transference, and various effects that border on the supernatural.”

― Anon.

From the creator or TAROT OF THE ZIRKUS MÄGI, TRICK OR TAROT and a host of others comes an otherworldly new tarot pack inspired by the striking advertising posters created for the Edwardian era’s great stage magicians—Thurston, Blacksone, Kellar, Houdini, and others less well-remembered. MYSTIC TAROT is a truly evocative oracle that Looks Ahead into The Past.

The Large Size Edition — Limited to 500 copies — is available now.  It comes with four extra Elements cards that will not be available in any other edition. Standard Tarot Size is coming soon. 

Speak the Magic Words: MYSTIC TAROT is here.

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