Another MYSTIC Tarot is about to be revealed!

Come into the mystic forest

Ancient trees whisper of times gone by

Will they share the silent secrets

Of what is past, and what is to come?

Another long-term project is about to bloom at 

MYSTIC GREEN WOODS TAROT is at last complete and is coming this Spring.


Presenting a beautiful and evocative new tarot that looks bravely ahead from the past.

The word “Mystic” is in the title to hint that this is a companion deck of sorts to last year’s MYSTIC TAROT: as this one also was inspired by some lovely advertising and theater poster art dating back to the early 20th century and beyond, albeit on a different theme.

My mother was an enthusiastic collector of and dealer in vintage advertising art, and I grew up in a house full of vintage signage; at the same time, pop art in the ‘60s was drawing on art nouveau and other earlier influences — so you might say this sort of thing is in my blood. The MYSTIC series of decks combines themes and styles that I love. The first deck was rooted in theatrical and vaudeville stage magic, while this new deck hews closer to fantasy literature, theater and illustration.

Enter the ancient forest, where fresh connections can be made and new discoveries unearthed from old ground where forgotten mysteries lie buried. What will you unearth?

Plans at this moment call for two limited-edition decks: a large jumbo size, and a standard-size deck in a colorful printed box. Both decks will arrive with unique extra cards.  Expect them in mid to late March. 

Thank you all for ten years of Magic!

-- Doug

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