Cry Etsy No More!

As of yesterday, the last remaining listing at my Etsy storefront has expired, and I will not be renewing any listings there, or adding new ones. The Duck Soup Productions storefront at Etsy is now Officially Closed, and this, my main site,, is the only place where I will sell my decks from here on in.

I'm very pleased about this. Etsy has not been a benefit to its sellers for a long time. They keep adding new gimmicks (such as forced advertising that sellers can't opt out of), new policies and new charges (always more charges!), all designed to make more money for THEMSELVES, not the sellers. 

I'm far from the only person who hates what Etsy has become. Artists Raffi and Klee have a great Youtube channel (, and they've been vocal with their Etsy frustrations, as have others. For me, Etsy stopped being worthwhile some time ago, and I've just been waiting for the last of my listings to expire. That day has finally come. So please remember (especially if you share links) that  is for now the exclusive home of my decks online!

Thank you so much for visiting my site!


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